Social media card generator


It’s now posible to generate preview images for social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

twitter cards

This great idea come from a conversation I had with Luciano Mammino (aka @Loige). I basically took 85% of his code. Thanks Luciano 😊

How to do it?

  1. In a terminal, run npm run dev.
  2. In a second terminal, run: npm run generatePostPreviewImages
  3. In the post’s header, add the generated images:
    title: My blog post
    # ...
    imageTw: ./gatsby-starter-morning-dew-v1-1-tw.png
    imageFb: ./gatsby-starter-morning-dew-v1-1-fb.png

Gatsby will first create extra url suffixed by /image_tw and /image_fb (i.e. http://localhost:8000/gatsby-starter-morning-dew-v1-1/image_tw). Then, Pupetter will take a snapshot and add it to your post folder.

Quick tip: If you want to recreate this pictures

# delete Facebook images
find ./content -name "*-fb.png" -type f -delete
# delete Twitter images
find ./content -name "*-tw.png" -type f -delete

If you don’t to skip the file generation for some posts, add generate-card: false to the post’s header.

title: My blog post
# ...
generate-card: false

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